DeepReel’s API allows you convert text in to talking AI avatar videos. Use the state-of-the-art AI models to create realistic talking videos.


This guide will help you get started with DeepReel. We will cover everything, starting with creating an account, and then moving on to generating a video.

Create DeepReel account

Sign Up for a DeepReel Account. Once you register with DeepReel, you gain the ability to produce professional avatar videos using the advanced AI technology of DeepReel. Start your journey in personalized video creation with DeepReel.

The DeepReel API is exclusively accessible to users subscribed to a paid plan. To utilize the DeepReel API, you need to have an active subscription to one of the non-free plans. You can create and subscribe to a paid plan here:

Create an API key

After registering your DeepReel account, in the bottom left corner click on your Accountprofile to navigate to the account settings. Here, you can activate your API key to unlock access to the DeepReel API. Click on the eye icon on your profile to access your api key.

If an unauthorised person gains access to your API Key they will be able use your account and credits. Keep it somewhere safe and don’t share it with anyone.

You can generate a new API Key any time by clicking on the refresh icon. Please note that generating a new API Key will invalidate your old API Key.

Configuring Webhook (Optional)

You have the option to set up webhook endpoints that respond to events from DeepReel. Just go to your account page on DeepReel to configure your webhook settings easily.

For advanced webhook configuration, explore our webhook API guide.

Create Your First Video

See detailed API reference

You can create video by making a POST request using the following API:

You will be given a video_id in the response. Remember to note down this ID, as it will be necessary for monitoring the status of the video's generation.

Checking the status of the Video

See detailed API reference

After you've created your video, you have the option to monitor its progress. Once the video is fully processed, its status will update to completed.

Alternatively, you can configure the webhook to be notified when the status of the video changes.

Download the video

After your video is completed, a link will be included in the response, allowing you to download your video.

curl <video_url> --output awesome_video.mp4

Create Your Avatar

See detailed API reference

To create a custom avatar, you will need to upload 2 videos recorded as per our guidelines.

Once you have the videos ready, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Generate Signed URL

To upload the avatar videos, create a signed URL for each video using the following endpoint:

Save the filename and url obtained in the response for next steps.

Step 2: Upload to URL

Upload each video to its respective url using a PUT method:

Supported content-type: video/mp4

Successful upload response: 200

Step 3: Create Avatar

Once both videos are successfully uploaded, pass the filename received in response from Step 1 to the following endpoint to send the request to create the custom avatar


For an in-depth understanding of DeepReel’s APIs and their functionalities, we recommend reviewing our API reference.

In conclusion, the DeepReel API enables you to harness the exceptional AI capabilities of DeepReel for the programmatic creation of captivating avatar videos. By setting up a DeepReel account, acquiring an API key, and optionally setting up webhooks, you’re well-equipped to start your journey in video creation. Discover the extensive possibilities of DeepReel APIs to inject creativity into your endeavors, whether they’re for educational, entertainment, or marketing purposes.