The DeepReel API uses ApiKey Auth Scheme for authentication. To use the API, you will need to generate an API secret key. This can be done easily through the Account Settings Panel that is accessible through the left sidebar on the DeepReel web app. In the bottom left corner, click on your Accountprofile to navigate to the account settings.

Here, you can activate your API key to unlock access to the DeepReel API. Click on the eye icon on your profile to access your API Key.

If an unauthorised person gains access to your API Key they will be able use your account and credits. Keep it somewhere safe and don’t share it with anyone.

Currently, we support one key per user on your team. Once you have generated a key, you will need to pass in the key with every API request for us to process it successfully. Otherwise, an error with a code of 401 will be returned.

Changes made through the API will be attributed to the person the API key is assigned to.

ApiKey Scheme

Security Scheme Type:API Key
Header parameter name:X-API-KEY
Header parameter desc:API key with the prefix: dr_
e.g. dr_ApnKD16Sw64AQ6-arfK0PTCPcXsTuIqEHZENX0Q2MSogCZu

Authentication Errors

Error: API key not set or invalid

Solution: Double-check your API key for any typos. If you’re copying it from a website or document, ensure there are no leading or trailing whitespaces. If the error persists, verify the API key’s validity in the DeepReel’s dashboard.